SpearHead Trainig - (Private)

In 1981 three directors had a vision: to provide training that was practical and effective and that improved business performance. From that vision Spearhead Training was created. Today the same ethos exists and we work tirelessly to be the best at what we do which means we aim for constant quality improvements in everything that we undertake. Spearhead Training specializes in soft skills training in four distinct areas: courses in management and leadership training, sales training, business skills training, and PA and office support training. The business skills section covers a range of disciplines needed in most roles, for example project training.

Whilst we offer wide range of open courses, nearly half of all work is conducted on an “in-company” basis. Any of our open courses can be tailored to your specific requirements so that the effects of the training are maximized. Very often this means that we design bespoke course material to meet your unique requirements. We work on a confidential basis with many of our clients and are heavily involved in development work that builds the skills needed by their people to deliver the client’s business strategy. Today we have offices in Chipping Norton, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar & Sharjah. We have a growing workforce and the current total number of employees in the group is 120.

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