Sara Kamkarian Beauty Fitness & Training Center - (Private)

More than 25 years ago, a beauty school was established by one of the world’s best makeup expert Sara Kamkarian that is now proudly known as Sara Kamkarian Beauty, Makeup and Hairdressing School. This beauty school has international recognition, split into two campuses – Dubai and Los Angeles. Its students are the experts of hairstyling, derma therapy and makeup who are trained by the experienced artists related to beauty and fashion industries. The experts are capable of training the students by identifying their skills so that every new artist can judge and boost his/her unique style.

Whether you are new to makeup artistry or you want to enhance your skills, Sara Kamkarian School is the place where you can get want you want. We educate you with different techniques of making unique and eye-capturing hairstyles, applying makeup on different occasions and much more!

Our all courses and programs are based on the professional application of our training and technique. Moreover, we keep on updating our training patterns by following the latest trends of fashion industry. Students also have the opportunity to get career assistance and guidance on social networking. The environment of our institution is very friendly, where you can explore yourself in a disciplined way.
Sara Kamkarian Dubai

Our aim is to support makeup artists of Middle East with our high quality training capabilities and skills. We provide our students with ideal location for photography, wide classrooms, a vending store and administrative offices.

Sara Kamkarian Los Angeles

Situated in hills’ in Warner center area, we train our students according to Hollywood glamour. The campus is equipped with beautiful classrooms, library, administrative offices, retail store and many other facilities.
Curriculum / Programs
We are currently offering the following programs at our training center.


- Fashion Makeup Artistry Program
- Film and Television Makeup Artistry Program
- Multimedia Make-Up Artistry Program
- Master Makeup Artistry Program


- Hairstyle
- Hair Cut
- Hair Color
- Hair Extension


- Beautician Course
- Advanced Beautician Course


- Manicure/Pedicure
- Nail Extension

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