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The Oriental Karate & Kobudo Club' was established in 1987 in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE. Since its inception, it has conquered the area of Martial Arts in Abu Dhabi. It has gained a gigantic stature now. The professional and dedicated instructors with several years experience have a scientifically proven method of teaching and training. The crowning achievement is the efficacious result of the outstanding performance of the students.

Oriental club has four sophisticated training centers in Abu Dhabi with 1000 active students. More than 9000 students have been trained under the club. All the instructors are undergoing instructors training regularly under the supervision of Renshi Ali Mohammed, the chief instructor & the chief examiner (6th. Dan karate & 5th. Dan Kobudo) and the senior instructor sensei yoosuf (4th.dan karate & 3rd Dan Kobudo.)

Having undergone training and seminars in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, London & Scotland the main instructors have vast experience in martial arts. The club conducts black belt awarding ceremony for the senior students who have completed the criteria for the black belt grading test. This is the most prestigious degree that ensures the physical and psychological ability of the students after a dedicated and rigorous training. During the test, the performance of the students will be judged by the chief instructor Renshi Ali mohammed. And other competent authorities.

Sensei Yoosuf shares the responsibility of teaching the students and officiates as the Assistant Chief Examiner. Many YOGIC exercises are included in the training sessions, which may help one to keep up a relaxed life style. The bane of implacable body of an adult will be mitigated in the executive classes conducted by the club; the club conducts campus and contract classes running in and around Abu Dhabi. The internationally recognized certificate issued on completion of each grade enables a student to continue the training in the same grade all over the world. Every year the Club conducts the summer vacation classes, with a discounted fee, during this period a student can skip two belt ranks which normally takes six month, as the schools are closed during the summer the children are more interested in attending summer classes. Many additional skills like somersault, tumbling, gymnastic stretching, front &back midair rolls and many special skills are included in the syllabus to motivate the students in all kind of sports besides karate. The oriental club has been recognized by the U.A.E Judo, Taekwondo & karate Federation and the Okinawan Karate Federation.
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