Islamic School for Training & Education - (Private)

The school takes its basic concept of preparing the students for shouldering the burden of life after attaining to the age of puberty (responsibility), from the teachings of the Islamic shari’ah. Our study of the Sacred Text tells us in no uncertain terms that, to all intent and purpose, a person on reaching the age of puberty, is fully capable of shouldering all responsibilities. And since our Creator on High treats him as a fully responsible person, it follows that, in His view, all his mental and physical powers have attained maturity. As evidence to this we can quote the following verse of the Qur’an.

By this we mean the preparing of a generation right from the age of childhood up to the age of adulthood, in such a way that it is able to comprehend the Islamic principles and values, both in thought and conduct, and in the building of a balanced physical, mental and spiritual personality, so that it imbibes the qualities that turn the individuals into role models for one and all in the sense that they have entered early into the work market- thanks to their high academic achievement and the practical training imparted to them through the use of the latest methodology. Academic achievement of an individual cannot and should not be measured by the amount of knowledge or information that he has gathered.

It should rather be measured by how much his knowledge has helped him in developing the spirit of research and innovation and how much his mind has assimilated, applied and benefited from it in practical life. We have already mentioned that the prevalent systems fill the minds of the students with huge quantities of information that their minds are unable to assimilate. Those educated under these systems forget the whole thing as soon as the study gets completed and the examination in the subject is over. We, therefore, make it a point to equip our learners with the sort of knowledge and information that is appropriate for their ages, so that the knowledge and information gained by them is applied to the real life situations.

In order for the student to benefit from it and not forget it and know that this knowledge will help him in his life and in the building of his future as well as the future of the ummah, we pay special attention to promoting their intellectual, psychological, and social capabilities alongside their physical fitness and well-being. The idea is to enable them to take right decisions and implement them in their lives. Arabic language is the language of the Holy Qur’an. It is, therefore, necessary that we pay special attention to it. Our emphasis on foreign languages- they are also necessary since they are the means of international interaction and understanding- should not, however, be at the cost of the Arabic language since it is the language of our beloved religion (deen).

It is, therefore, necessary that we do not confine our emphasis on Arabic just to the periods prescribed for it. Standard Arabic should rather be the language of daily interaction between the students as well as between the students and their teachers and in all subjects. Arabic language is the one that provides a firm foundation for our culture, our heritage, our history, and our civilization, in which we can rightly take pride. In view of the great value of time in everybody’s life and the importance given to it by all those nations that are constantly in pursuit of advancement and progress, we chose to make optimum use of the time as the cornerstone of our educational philosophy.

We believe that the continuing technological advancement that the world is witnessing today is the result of the best possible investment of time, in realization of its extreme importance in life. It is, however, a sad spectacle that in the prevailing educational systems the most beautiful and valuable part of a youth’s life, which is a period of energy and strength gets unnecessarily wasted. This period extends to as many as seven years in the university phase (after the higher secondary), and even more than that in some cases of specialization. Is it according to reason that a student should spoil the prime period of this youth, in studying and reading all sorts of books and not making its optimum use of his time either for his own good or for the good of his society?
The Technical Institute has been established as an addition and complement to the school. The students acquire theoretical knowledge in the school and then implement it in the Technical Institute to reinforce their theoretical knowledge, check their accuracy, benefit from it and utilize their latent and apparent potentialities and powers. This is intended to ensure maximum gains for the individual and a chance to enrich his culture and widen the horizons of his knowledge, enable him to gain experience and expertise as also to enable him to gain material benefits, make him feel that he is a useful member of the society. In it there is also the realization of the student’s personality, the raising of his literary standing and, above, all the privilege of his joining the community of workers.

The Technical Institute represents numerous technical activities out of which the following deserve special mention, Computers – electrical – electronics – printing & bookbinding – typing – goldsmithery – metal coating – lathe – alpha rays – scraping – electric welding - oxy-acetylene welding– auto mechanics – carpentry – fiberglass – marine sciences – home science related skills like tailoring, embroidery, and cooking. All this is in addition to the other activities undertaken at the school. For purposes of practical training, there has also been set up a branch of commercial co-operative union where the students transact as buyers and sellers and thus learn accounting skills as well.

In it they find whatever commodities they need and practically gain the experience of buying and selling – the operations they have already theoretically learnt. The students also get training in horticulture, in coordination between the different plants as well as in the method of their irrigation and fertilization, along the sides of the school building, under the supervision of their teacher for Agriculture. The student is also trained in the use of the most important gifts and effective tools of the modern age, such as the media, which plays a pivotal role in opinion making. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that we teach it to the students theoretically as well as practically from the day they start practicing public speaking. This, in fact, is considered among the important daily activities of the school.

The idea is to create among the youngsters the courage to face the audiences and, in course of time, give public performance in speaking and oratory in the school mosque or in the mosques of their own locality or neighborhood. Each student will then train himself in various media activities and get to know about modern forms of the information media, such as journalism, broadcasting, and television. He will also prepare and produce different programs and practice photography, montage and screenplays and train himself for various works of journalistic nature like writing news stories, conducting interviews, and so on. He will then put the knowledge thus acquired to practical application through the medium of the periodic school magazine and the broadcasting system and also use the television studio functioning in the school.

This will of course happen at a higher stage of schooling. The idea is to make him understand the nature of the media education being provided in the school, keeping in view the student’s talents and capacities, his age and his aptitudes and his preferences. The results of these media studies shall make themselves evident through development in the student’s abilities even in his other subjects of study. He will, for example, express himself in a better way on both, the topics assigned to him from the world around him or those drawn from his own imagination. He will also get accustomed to choosing the most appropriate words for each occasion and get to know their effectiveness as well as the reaction of the people and their responses to them. In the process, he will also learn the art of interacting with other people in the best possible manner.

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