Fujairah Aviation Center - (Private)

All of the Fujairah Aviation Center's courses are approved by the UAE GCAA, and upon successful completion, result in the issue of a UAE license. The UAE is a member of ICAO. Licenses issued by the UAE are convertible to the licenses of other ICAO states, subject to their Civil Aviation Regulations.

Whilst there are no formal academic qualifications required for enrolment, the applicant must have the ability to read, write and speak English, as English is the international language of civil aviation. Students must be 17 years in order to fly solo. The minimum age to obtain a Private Pilot Licence is 18 years. He 'or she must be medically fit, as determined by an Aviation Medical Examiner.
The East Coast of the UAE has some of the country's most spectacular scenery. A very little traffic -no waiting for taxi clearance no holding or orbiting. Un-restricted takeoffs and landings. Training area is located only five minutes flight time after take off. Mountain flying adds experience to flight training. Open seven days a week. Excellent weather through the year. Airfield is equipped with NDB/VOR/DME/ILS and Radar Navigation facilities.

Air Traffic Control, Met and Flight Briefing available 24 hours. Quiet environment is conductive to learning. Accommodation and food are inexpensive. Pleasure flights and sightseeing tours are available. Special discounts for FAC members in Al Diar Siji Hotel.
Curriculum / Programs
Private Pilot - Aero plane (PPL), Instrument Rating - Aero plane (IR), Commercial Pilot -Aero plane (CPL)

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