The Arabic Language Centre (ALC) - (Private)

For over 30 years we have been using a unique method of teaching that combines our enthusiastic native-speaking teachers to make Arabic fun and easy to learn. The structured courses are comprehensive and teach vocabulary and topics relevant to everyday life. Importantly, our courses enable students to be understood in different parts of the Arab world, whilst helping them to understand and be aware of different regional accents and expressions. We teach students to actually communicate and use the Arabic language, rather than just teaching useful phrases.

Who learns at ALC?
Our students come from all walks of life and nationalities. Some are learning purely for pleasure as they are living in an Arabic-speaking country whilst others want to be able to speak Arabic with their Arabic-speaking family, friends and colleagues. We also teach Arabic to many people working in Dubai who need to speak the language as part of their job or are looking to develop their careers prospects.

Speaking the language:
At ALC we focus on oral communication and get students speaking the language straight away. By the end of the first class, students will know how to greet someone and reply, ask for someone’s name and reply, say nice to meet you and reply, ask how you are and reply, and ask if you would life a coffee and reply.

How quickly will you learn Arabic?
This depends on the individual student. Those using the language all the time and insist on speaking it at every opportunity will become fluent at an early level with the vocabulary they have. Students must speak Arabic in class, but if this is not translated into everyday life, it will take longer to acquire fluency.

Do you already know some Arabic?
We can arrange an assessment for you with one of our senior instructors to determine your level of Arabic and advise you on the best course to pursue your Arabic language studies.

Regular classes:
Classes are held for two hours, twice a week. Each of our courses are 30 hours in duration, so they take approximately 7½ weeks to complete.
However, we do also run shorter and more intensive courses.

Where are the classes held?
All of our public classes are held at Trade Centre Tower, Level 4.

How much do the courses cost?
Our Beginners I course, which is designed for novices and those with a limited knowledge of the Arabic Language, costs AED1,950, including course material. Prices for our more advanced levels vary, please check our website for more details.

Do you have children’s Arabic classes?
ALC’s sister school, dar el-ilm School of Languages, teaches Arabic to children.

Private / Semi-private Courses:
For those unable to attend our public courses or wish to have a course structured to their specific requirements, we are able to arrange private and semi private tuition.

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